Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sandra Jackson

Domestic violence has recently been a hot topic since the media out-pour surrounding the Rhianna and Chris Brown incident. While this was an unfortunate incident, it's the perfect opportunity to highlight domestic abuse. I discussed this topic with the high-school group I mentor and I was amazed that several of the young women threw their support behind Chris Brown. But this isn't abnormal. Oprah has dedicated two shows to this subject and one featured a teenager who said Rhianna may have provoked the violence.
In the midst of the current focus on domestic abuse, a chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. hosted a community forum. The New York Alumnae Chapter hosted a Violence Against Women panel discussion in Harlem. Several panelist, including Sandra Jackson a Senior Director with the Urban Resources Institute, gave a first-hand account of abuse involving women. Sandra oversees an emergency facility that houses women leaving violent situations. Her organization is the first place women and their children along with men come to escape abuse.
Sandra provided some disturbing statics. She reported that women represent 95% of all reported victims. Sandra went on to mention that young women between the ages of 16-24 experienced the highest rate of relationship violence. Sandra continued to stress the point that under no circumstances does a person have the right to hit another person. This message sounds simple, but it went a long with with the youth who were in attendance. In the video below, Sandra reveals additional statics about domestic violence. It takes courage for victims to leave their abusers. But it's also imperative to point out the danger Sandra puts herself in by working with these victims. I applaud Sandra for her commitment. Domestic violence is an issue that often gets ignored, but this program, if only for one day, brought it to the light.
Women, start making your Moves today!


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