Monday, March 16, 2009

Janice Tunnell

Illusions Cosmetics, doesn't this name just sound luxurious. That's the concept Janice Tunnell had in mind when she and sister, Denise Tunnell, launched the company. An accomplished make-up artist, Janice, has worked in the entertainment industry for a majority of her creative career. Television along with print, video and film have all showcased the work of Janice. Her work can be found in such movies as The Notebook and National Treasure.
Janice is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. She studied Business Management and Accounting at North Carolina State University and had a career as a Tax Accountant for over 10 years. Although, Janice enjoyed her line of work, her passion for make-up could not be denied. She trained and became licensed at the Von Lee School of Aesthetics. Through this experience, Janice was convinced she could become a successful business owner. Janice prides herself on being a woman making moves because she's taking steps to successfully achieve her goals.

Living your dreams is certain to be a goal of many, but Janice realizes she's living her dream now and she owes much of her success to her parents who encourage her unconditionally. They've been her biggest cheerleaders throughout her career. She credits her family and friends for helping her stay motivated. Through their support and her hard-work, she's achieved many of her goals. A strong spiritual foundation and the power of prayer has gotten Janice even farther than she's imagined.

As a professional make-up artist working with a number of high-profile clients, Janice's day-to-day activities are hectic. Her morning begins by answering emails and voice-mails relating to Illusions Cosmetics. Conference calls, order filling, creative and marketing sessions as well as budget and finance meetings are all a part of Janice's day. She's working extremely hard and in five years, Janice expects to fully enjoy the fruits of her labor. Of course, she'll still be a hardworking woman on the move, but an Illusions Cosmetics Boutique will have launched by then. Janice advises women who want to become successful to study their craft, find out what they were placed on this earth to do and work diligently to achieve it. She goes on to say that money should not be a primary factor, but finding a profession that brings joy is the ultimate goal. Janice's determination is uplifting. She's an amazing woman because she realizes her gift and believes in making herself happy.

Visit Illusions Cosmetics on the web at the company's main website. Receive beauty tips from the Illusions blog and listen to the online radio show. While visiting the sites, don't forget to review and purchase items you may enjoy. I've sampled several products from the lip gloss line and they've left my lips with a beautiful shine and extremely moisturized. The Lustre Lip Glosses in Khadijah and Sparkle are colors that can move you from day to night. Illusions has a number of testimonials. And if the products are good enough for Oscar nominated Taraji P. Henson, comedian Necy Nash and Zeola Gaye, sister of the famed Marvin Gaye, they're good enough for me! But don't take my word for it, let the products speak for themselves.

Women, start making your Moves today!

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Hey there!

A great announcement!

Thanks for the inspiration!!

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Tiffany Winbush said...


Thanks for visiting Women Making Moves. Isn't Janice's story inspirational. I love that she's a business woman calling the shots!

affrodite said...

Besides the fact that I just love the concept of your blog, I enjoyed reading the story of Janice Tunnell. She especially caught my attention being a Baltimore native (grew up nearby and attended Morgan) and attended NC State (where I went for grad school).

I don't know why we women have been slow to following our passion, but I do think it's one of those things we need to do to make ourselves genuinely happy. Living an authentic life, you know?

Janice, I wish you well with Illusions Cosmetics.

Tiffany, thanks for sharing another inspiring story.

Tiffany Winbush said...


Thanks for vising Women Making Moves! Janice's story is inspirational. She didn't immediately follow her dream, but ultimately she did. Kudos to Janice for allowing her dream to become a reality.