Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WMM~Michelle Obama (The nation's next First Lady)

It's been almost a week since Obama became President-elect and the world is still rejoicing! Like many, I watched the election returns, anxious to see what the nation would decide. And thankfully, the nation elected Mr. Obama. I'm excited about this historical moment in U.S. history. I immediately thought about my grandparents, their parents and other senior citizens who never thought this day would happen. I'm excited for my future children and for those who lived during segregation and Jim Crow whose fight for equality was not in vain.
I'm also rejoicing because the next First Lady looks like me. This may appear to be a juvenile statement, but as an African-American woman, I am well aware of the negative imagines that are portrayed. From the story of Sara Baartman to the 1980's welfare mom, the negative portrayal of black women has occurred for so long.
I am proud that Michelle Obama, the nation's next First Lady is a black women because the media will have a positive image of black woman to show to the world. Going from the South Side of Chicago to Princeton and then to Yale, are accomplishments that should be highlighted. In addition to her career, Michelle juggled a life as a committed wife and a devoted mother. But Michelle's story isn't necessarily unique. There are many women who do just this. My mother, a single parent of four, worked two to three jobs to support her family. She never complained and didn't slow down until she suffered a brain aneurysm four years ago.
I've dedicated a post to Michelle Obama before because I admire the image of a black woman that my niece and the high school girls I mentor can look towards as an example. Sure the young women I know have positive images of black women in their lives, but when they are constantly exposed to negative images, their self-esteem can be affected. Thank you Michelle Obama!
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Cynthia Wallace said...

Hi Tiffany,

Michelle Obama makes me proud too. As you know, I'm not a woman of color - but I'm thrilled she can give such a positive image to women - of all colors - around the world.

Looking to the next four years- maybe 8 - the best of what Michelle will share with us, no doubt, is yet to come!

Cynthia Wallace

the mad LOLscientist said...

Michelle Obama is pure class.

Tiffany Winbush said...


You are correct, Michelle provides a positive imagine for women and girls around the world! I love strong women and Michelle is definitely one. Thanks for stopping by Women Making Moves! :)

Tiffany Winbush said...

@the mad LOLscientist,

Yes, Michelle certainly is pure class!

Ananda said...

Michello O is incredible. Wow about mentioning Sara Baartman. Have you heard of the Saartjie Project? Visit You will love how they honor Sara Baartman.

Tiffany Winbush said...


Thanks for visiting Women Making Moves. I'm not familiar with the Saartjie Project, but I'm going to visit the link you proivde mow. Tahnks again. said...

What's more powerful than a power couple that includes a woman that can hold her own? I am equally inspired when I hear Michelle speak as when I hear Barack. Man! Those kids are going to be rockstars!

Tiffany Winbush said...


I agree. The Obama's kids appear to have such a strong family-base that they were certainly be successful women.